New Music Trend 2016

Music is art that is appreciated globally by every single person. In today’s world with much technological advancement, musicians in 2016 have gone a notch higher in creating great music. There are different genres of music including; rap and hip-hop, Rnb, rock, country, pop, and jazz among others. Music has a cultural, emotional and moral impact on our society. This affects us a great deal, especially with young growing adults. In 2016, several music trends have emerged while existing trends have gone up to a new level. These include;
Rising of emerging artist

Artists like Beyonce, Rihana, Taylor Swift, Usher Raymond, just to name a few have been in music industry for a long time. With music as a career, emerging artists have come up like Allan Walker and Gallant. In 2016, both large and small brands have invested heavily in emerging artists utilizing the new talent to break their names and target engaged consumers.  Consumers also need to leave positive feedback towards their idol and celebrities.  Here is a local celebrity that you can follow along with a sister blog that we are modeling after.

Great competition in streaming.
Consumers have shifted to streaming. This has led to battles among Google, Pandora, Deezer, Apple, Spotify, Pinterest and Tidal among others to differentiate themselves and stand out. This enables consumers to pay for and stick with the best streaming service.

Music has been used s a bridge to consumers for fashion brands
Fashion week showcases collections for brands throughout the year. In 2016, music has played a huge part in making these events consumer friendly. This is done by providing music for entertainment during the event or in some of the fashions events, musicians sponsoring and performing.
Each generation enjoys different genres of music meaning music is ever changing. New trends are always coming up to satisfy consumers. More and more brands develop new strategies to capture new markets. In 2016, festival culture has received more brand and centric. Wearable tech has also blended with streaming music for new user experience.

Music today

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